Countdown To Christmas


Posted 24th December, 2019

Finally its day 12!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my PT gave to me...12 minutes of stretching

12 Minutes of stretching a day is great for mobility and flexibility. It is so important to move well and be pain-free, at any age.

These are the stretches I focus on to help maintain my lower back health plus if I have time I’ll add in some shoulder mobility. You can do them at the end of a workout session, or at any time during the day.

As with any stretching - be gentle, focus on breathing deeply into the stretch, and make sure you have a mat or towel at hand so that you can be nice and comfy if the floor is too hard.

1. Pigeon Stretch

2. Hamstring Toe Touch

3. Foam Roll Thoracic (Upper Back)

4. Hip Flexor

Tom's Tip: Use your timer on your phone to help guide you in terms of timing, this way you can then help pass the time by reading or listening to something. The time will fly by!