Posted 22nd March, 2021

Happy Monday! The sky is beautifully blue, the birds are singing loudly and there is a fresh breeze in the air today – spring is well and truly here. After a really long, hard winter I think we are all welcoming this change more than ever. As the seasons progress throughout the year and nature shifts gears slowly, our physiology changes too. Think about how we banish our winter clothes in order to get ready for our summer wardrobes...Our bodies and minds need to go through the same transitions. There are things we can do to shift and take advantage of the natural positive energy of spring. Put the darkness and low energy behind us, moving forward with purpose and renewed vibrancy.

  • Take advantage of the mornings

There is so much extra light! This precious early morning slot can be a really productive time – I have been using the early morning window where I would usually be hitting snooze on repeat to instead get up and do a quick 20-minute workout or stretch and feel so much better for it. There is something really invigorating about getting up when it's already light outside. A great podcast based around this is Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert - Power Hour podcast

  • Embrace decision making

Ideas and creativity awaken at this time of year especially, with the air of new beginnings that spring brings and spaciousness to engage and explore. If you feel like you have over-excessively ruminated you way through the winter, acknowledge it can be amplified by the seasonal mindset and enjoy this new window of clarity and focus.

  • Move more but slow down

We are big advocates of more dynamic movements, but even more so now to reset your body and strengthen ready for an active summer. Strength training, running, HIIT training – you may find yourself hitting PB’s and smashing your usual times due to your new vigour. Keep your step count up and walk as much as possible. It can be tempting to go, go, go but it’s also really important to embrace stillness – slow down when you feel you need to. Mobility, stretching, yoga, sound alchemy – all can be so beneficial to provide balance.

  • Spring clean - house and mind

Do you look around your house and feel overwhelmed by ‘things’? It’s time to get organising - this is a really powerful tool to lighten the load. Cleaning, organising, shedding things, giving away. Donate your items to a new home – this way you aren’t losing something, but someone else is gaining something. But don’t just spring clean your home… your mind will always benefit from some freshening up. Take some time to think about any negative emotions that are hanging around and could be let go of. Process why you are holding on to them, any lessons you need to learn. Express and acknowledge it to let it out of your head and bring clarity to your mind – then let it go. Clearing out the old emotions that are cluttering up your headspace will make room for newer, happier emotions.

  • Supportive eating

In the warmer lighter months the body doesn’t tend to crave or need the rich, heavy foods. Swap out your winter stews and casseroles for cooler and lighter foods. The body has a natural desire to purify and renew in spring. Focussing on whole grains, salads and lighter proteins such as fish, tofu, eggs or lean white meat like chicken will help. Lots of greens such as spring cabbage, parsley, kale, spinach and courgette cleanse and detoxify. Fresh herbs will add flavour and citrus adds zest. You could try to plan out your food (we plan our evening meals but freestyle the rest of the day) for the week to help with organisation/workload.

  • Space outside

Plan a trip to the beach or a wide-open space. We appreciate this might not be possible at the moment with lockdown restrictions, but hopefully you have somewhere near you that you can walk to and get some much needed space. This can combat the feeling of being constantly hemmed in, especially after the winter lockdown we’ve experienced. Natural spaces can help us to feel psychologically restored – evidence suggests that time spent in green or blue spaces supports our physical and emotional health, with increased creativity, empathy, improvements in blood pressure and reductions in stress named as but a few of the benefits.

  • Renew and restore

What daily rituals can you introduce or ramp up to help maintain balance in your mind and emotions? What makes you feel good? It might be using refreshing citrus scents in aromatherapy, sitting outside in the sun with a cup of coffee, a cold sea swim to clear your head, body brushing before your daily shower, some foam rolling to release muscle tension. Try and plan in some time throughout your week to enjoy whatever it is that works for you, even if just 5 minutes a day - anything is better than nothing.

Bring on the lighter, brighter days ahead and time for reconnecting, rebuilding and living life to the full.