Posted 12th November, 2019

Everyone's training schedule is personal - doing what fits in with your goals and lifestyle is the most important thing. You're much better off doing something that is sustainable week in week out than trying to have a perfect training regime. 

Whilst playing professional rugby, I used to do 3 or 4 weights sessions a week and pitch sessions on top, roughly exercising for 10 hours a week, excluding matches. These weights sessions focussed on hypertrophy (muscle building), strength and power and tended to last about an hour. The forwards and backs would train separately so we would alternate between pitch sessions and the gym. These sessions were hugely physically exhausting but luckily I was able to have an afternoon sleep to recover!

Fitness has always been a priority for me from a young age and something I have always enjoyed. As I have got older and wiser I've realised the huge range of benefits that exercising and eating well offers. Now with my busy family and work life, it's really important to me that I train as effectively as possible to get the biggest bang for my buck. This also includes making better food choices to support my training. 

My average week consists of training between 25-30 clients Monday - Friday. This means my NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - my basic non-exercise daily movement) is very high. Alongside this, I train four hours a week mainly focussing on resistance training with an upper / lower body split. I alternate between one session training exclusively lower body and the next session I would train my upper body. I write myself a new gym programme every 6-8 weeks, which gives me a focus during my sessions. My programmes cycle between hypertrophy or strength depending on my goals at the time. My sessions last for an hour and I schedule them in my diary to ensure I fit them in. At weekends I try to go on at least one long walk with my family for mindfulness benefits, and also to enjoy being outdoors and in fresh air as I spend a lot of my week inside. 

Sometimes this doesn't always go to plan and due to work or family commitments, I may only get two sessions in a week, in which case I adapt my sessions to counter this e.g. do two whole-body sessions rather than a lower/upper body split.

After my training block is finished I give myself a week off to all exercise to rest and refresh, and make sure I am looking forward to the next block.