Every Workout Needs These


Posted 12th November, 2019

A lot can determine what type of gym session you will have… your energy levels, pre-workout nutrition, hydration, current mind-set and even type of clothing you are wearing can all affect the intensity and the perceived success of your time spent working out.

Ultimately, any time spent focussing on your health and wellbeing is positive, I don’t think I have ever heard anyone regret taking time to go to the gym. There are a few items we couldn’t be without whilst exercising, absolute essentials to have with us for our workout when going to the gym. We have listed ours here.

Let us know what yours are!

Tom’s Essentials

  1. Gym Programme

It is essential to follow a training plan of some sort so that you have a structure for each and every session and don’t waste time. This means you can get in there, and have the best session possible keeping the intensity up, without wandering around the gym thinking about what you might want to do next. It is also really important to note down the weights and reps you are doing, this will show you your progression over time and improvement on things like weight lifting, running, spinning etc (note down the time it took you to cover a certain distance, or how fast you ran on the treadmill etc).

  1. Towel

Good gym etiquette is so important. No one wants to go to use a piece of equipment and find it is all sweaty from the previous occupant. Yuck! Most gyms will have antibacterial spray and paper towels so that you can wipe down anything you have used, and a towel is handy to wipe away your sweat as you are working out. You can also use it to get a good grip on bars and equipment, or behind your neck, if you are using a barbell across your shoulders.

  1. Mini Bands

Mini bands are a great piece of equipment to have in your gym bag, they are essentially small resistance bands that you can loop around your legs, enhancing the functional strength and stability of numerous muscle groups all over your body, in turn making your workouts even more effective. Fantastic for warming up or as part of your gym sessions, there are some great exercises you can do using these to challenge you. They can also be used for glute activation work before a leg session or for shoulder stability work. They’re so small and light that they are also really good for using whilst travelling or on holiday.

These are the ones I use (the black one, which gives you the heaviest resistance): but you can also find them on Amazon easily. 

Jess’ Essentials

  1. Headphones

This is my absolute must-have, I love music and find it really motivates me to work harder when I’m at the gym or out running. I have to use wireless headphones with ear hooks, nothing upsets me more than headphones which fall out of your ear with one slight turn of your head. So annoying! I do like high-intensity workouts and so the ear hooks means the headphones stay in even when I’m jumping around.

These are my current headphones, they are great and really affordable: 

      2. Weightlifting gloves         

I have a pair of weightlifting gloves and I find they really help me grip on to weights, especially dumbbells, barbells and for pull-ups. If I forget these, I find the weights often get slippery if I’m doing high reps and it means I can’t lift as much weight. Also, they’re really good for protecting jewellery if you are wearing rings (although, I do take my rings off if I’m doing weights so that they don’t get damaged)

These are a good option:

      3. Water

Boring I know but I always make sure I have plenty of water with me for my workout, I get really thirsty and it helps keep me hydrated. I use a 2 Litre bottle that I just fill up once in the morning and try to drink throughout the day whatever I am doing.