Posted 25th October, 2019

Autumn is well and truly here – the air has turned colder, leaves are falling from the trees, the nights are drawing in and there are bright orange pumpkins popping up everywhere!

Halloween is just around the corner, and to celebrate the versatile vegetable patch wonder I wanted to share our favourite pumpkin recipes. Don’t forget to get carving your Pumpkins too – the inner flesh can be scooped out and used for soup, or to make a puree and then added to pancakes, cake batters, stews – the list is endless.

If you are in the Exeter area and want to do some traditional pumpkin patch picking – I highly recommend a visit to the brilliant Shute Farm Pumpkin Patch  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shute-Fruit-Picking-Farm/661284323896900 - lots of different sizes, colours and varieties. Just make sure you take your own bags to carry your pickings home.


1.Spiced Pumpkin Pie (Vegetarian)

This spiced pumpkin and cheese filo pie is my favourite thing to make with pumpkin. It is really delicious, looks impressive and is very easy to assemble. Really nice for an evening meal or a weekend lunch with salad and chutney, give it a go!


2.Pumpkin Risotto (Vegetarian)

This is a really easy risotto recipe, you roast the pumpkin separately and stir it through the cooked risotto at the end. We’ve been really enjoying risottos recently, I think it must be the change in weather that has made us crave more comforting and hearty foods.


3.Hairy Bikers Sausage, Chicken and Pumpkin Traybake

We try really hard to meal-prep in our house, or at least plan what we are eating and when. Our daughters often have things on after school which means we need quick and easy dinners that are healthy and nutritious. That’s where tray-bakes come in! I love a tray-bake for ease, I can get it all ready beforehand (ideally the day before) and then just put it in the cooker on a timer in the morning. There is also less washing up, which is always a bonus.  This is one of those easy recipes, great to have up your sleeve for midweek meals.. a combination of sausages and chicken - what’s not to like.


Let us know if you have any good Pumpkin recipes -  we always love to hear new ideas.