Positive Health Benefits


Posted 20th July, 2020

As a family we spend a lot of time at the beach, the girls smiles are never bigger than when we are by the sea. There is something magical about the freedom and sensory experience it gives them and we always leave feeling refreshed. We know how fortunate we are to be so close to wonderful beaches here in Devon and really appreciate our surroundings. This is an interesting article by the University of Exeter on the health benefits of living by the sea.

Some of the key points:

- Coasts have a therapeutic effect on people, boosting wellbeing and mental health, the evidence statement drawing on 46 peer-reviewed papers and published by the Environment Department (Defra) said

- A third of the population live within 5km of the coast

- Research conducted in the region found that South West beaches encourage families to be physically active and increase social and family interactions

- Coastal activities such as beach cleaning, rock-pooling and walking were linked to a positive mood, more pro-environmental intentions such as recycling, and higher marine awareness

- The summary reveals the ‘therapeutic effects’ of marine and coastal landscapes, with Brits spending time by the sea reporting increased happiness, and better general health and greater engagement in physical activities, compared to visits to other types of natural environment

You can read the full article here: