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Fitness, Training and Wellbeing

Fun, sustainable, enjoyable; Tom Johnson Lifestyle personal coaching sessions are suitable for all levels and abilities. Tom’s all-encompassing approach focuses on you the individual – he’ll work with you on not only your health and fitness goals, but your wellbeing too.

Tom successfully coaches and mentors clients with varied goals and aims – everything ranging from overall fat loss, building muscle and strength, right through to preparing for specific sporting and military events. Tom focuses on three very important aspects when helping clients to achieve their goals: training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Enjoy your training session in a discreet, free from distraction gym at Tom’s private studio located on the outskirts of Exeter. The exclusive 750sq. ft. studio features state of the art equipment in an unintimidating, fully functional space allowing you to hone your focus on your session. Tom Johnson Lifestyle personal coaching is perfect for those looking for something different from a traditional gym environment.

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Individual Personal Coaching

Sessions at Tom’s studio gym have an emphasis on weight and resistance training which is proven to torch body fat, sculpt and tone muscle and transform your fitness levels.

Your private 1-2-1 Tom Johnson Lifestyle personal coaching session will incorporate a bespoke ongoing training plan that has been specifically tailored for your individual health and wellbeing needs.

Pricing Structure

One Hour Session
Block of 5 Sessions
Block of 10 Sessions

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - by appointment only.
To make an enquiry about personal coaching sessions and the various options available, please contact us.

Consultation Health Check

Prior to starting your chosen fitness programme, you will receive a full consultation with Tom. Here you will discuss your current fitness levels, your exercise likes and dislikes, your aims and goals and how you will set out to achieve them together. Tom will ask you to undertake a full medical questionnaire to ensure there are no issues that may affect your training, this will also give you the opportunity to give a brief description of your nutrition, stress levels and sleep patterns. The medical questionnaire will help paint a picture of your current lifestyle habits which then will give you a platform to move forward and make changes. All information and personal data received will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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Small Group Fitness

Training with others is not only fun, it’s motivational too and a great way to socialise.

Group sessions can be shared with your partner, friends or colleagues. Training alongside others is twice the fun and easier to stay focused on reaching your goals. Groups sessions provide combined energy, enthusiasm and determination - Tom knows how important working as a team can be and the outstanding benefits it has to offer.

Group personal coaching can be a cost-effective way of getting your workout fix whilst still receiving the benefits of a one to one session. A maximum of 3 people can be trained together in one small group fitness session. Clients can be of varying abilities and fitness levels as Tom will customise exercises to suit individuals.

Pricing Structure

2 People
3 People

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - by appointment only.
To make an enquiry about small group fitness sessions and the various options available, please contact us.

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Online Personal Coaching

Are you are looking for an online personal coach who will help you transform your body, whilst fitting in around your busy lifestyle?

There are many benefits to online personal coaching, namely flexibility, but also in that it is open to all fitness and experience levels - many start off with no previous experience, whilst others may be seasoned athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Tom will create a programme that suits you.

The Online Personal Coaching process is simple - we offer an initial Skype consultation with Tom to discuss your current exercise levels (if any), exercise likes and dislikes, alongside your overall quality of health. You will also be asked to complete a confidential health questionnaire so that Tom can be aware of any injuries, health conditions or concerns. Tom will assess your goals and create a bespoke training programme to follow at a location of your choice; home, gym or both! There will be regular check-ins and full support on offer for any ongoing queries you have.

Your plan will include:

  • Initial consultation and goal setting
  • Bespoke 4-week training plan devised by Tom
  • Email support as needed
  • Customised meal guidance and macros
  • Weekly check-ins

To make an enquiry about online personal coaching and the various options available: please contact us or Shop Online.

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Workout Plans

Our workout plans allow you to follow a bespoke fitness programme created by Tom, with the flexibility to take the sessions as and when suits you.

The plans are easy to follow with a clear layout, full exercise descriptions and images as well as YouTube demonstrations of each exercise if required keeping your form and technique 100% on point.

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Workout Plans

The Strength Style

  • Aimed at an intermediate level
  • Use of a gym is required

The original Tom Johnson Lifestyle Plan – the Strength Style is now available!

The plan is designed to increase strength levels and improve overall fitness. We are confident you will see results in both areas after completing this plan; which is aimed at an intermediate level. You will ideally have some basic understanding and experience of a gym environment, as well as access to a gym to complete the sessions.