Countdown To Christmas


Posted 19th December, 2019

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my PT gave to me…. 7 days of meal planning

Whatever your goal - meal prepping and planning can massively help towards you achieving it. Making rational decisions about the meals you want to eat during the week is a proven way to stay on track and not be dictated to by irrational eating which can strike when you have had a busy day from work, you come home to find the cupboards bare and end up going out or getting a take-away.

Write a list of what you ideally want to eat for the next 7 days and then you can decide what food products and ingredients you will need to enable your food choices. We do most of our food shopping online as attempting the supermarket with children in tow is not for the faint-hearted! I can't recommend this highly enough, once you have done your first order you will have your favourite products saved and then it is so easy each week to add what you need on top. Takes the stress out of having to traipse to the supermarket at the weekend! Some farm shops will also deliver to your home for you - we love Greendale Farm for this. Definitely worth a go.

Tom’s Tip: Food prep will also save you money as you’ll have less waste produce, buy knowing what you need to buy and how much.

Bonus Tip: When cooking from scratch, you can double up and make enough for 2 meals so that you save time and effort in the long run!