Countdown To Christmas


Posted 15th December, 2019

We're back again! On the Third Day of Christmas my PT gave to me…. 3 Macronutrients

Nutrition is hugely important part of a healthy lifestyle. All our foods are made up of macronutrients; Protein (which builds and repairs muscle), Fats (a source of energy, insulation and hormone transport) and Carbohydrates (energy source).  The quality of these macronutrients matter as some are a lot more nutritious than others and help us to perform at an optimum level. Others are more harmful and can lead to disease and health problems.

Tom’s Tip: To build and maintain muscle, try and aim to consume 1g of protein per lb of body weight each day! 

 If you would like more information you can find our Nutrition for Beginners Guide here it gives an overview of basic nutritional principles and how they can assist your training plan and personal goals. Includes: daily energy expenditure guide and ideal macronutrient targets, sustainable food swaps, and a comprehensive guide to the different food groups.