Posted 10th October, 2020

We recently posted about a slow cooker chicken dish we had made and got a lot of requests to start sharing some specific slow cooker recipes. 

Slow cookers are amazing bits of kit, very reasonably priced and a fantastic tool to make so many different dishes with minimal effort of attention. Ours tends to get put to the back of the cupboard during the summer months when we spend more of our time bbq-ing or having lighter salads and fish dishes.

Now that we are enjoying the autumnal feel in the air, we felt ready to dust ours down and put it to good use! 

We have had a crazy week this week with a lot going on and not much time for cooking, so this was a really easy and quick recipe that worked perfectly. The meat cooks for a long time at a low temperature which always results in the most tender bite. This chicken was a hit with us all, it took 10 minutes to put together in the morning and then left to cook all day. I toned down the chipotle so that I knew the girls would eat it as I only had a spicy chipotle paste in the cupboard and they are yet to get on board with the love for spicy food!  

Here is the recipe in full;