An Actual Gin Exercise Bike


Posted 16th November, 2020

Those of you who follow our social media accounts may have seen this already but it is just too good not to share again. Hendricks, the Scottish ginmaker, has invented a wonderful take on the exercise bike, The Hendricks High Wheel, and we think it is fabulous! 

Taken from the Metro; "The Hendrick’s High Wheel, described as ‘a genuinely effective and fascinating fitness contraption’, is made of iron and comes equipped with a built-in bookstand.

This can be used to hold the High Wheel Exercise Manual, which includes photographs of a bike journey through Scottish landscapes to Girvan’s Gin Palace. The exercise bike doesn’t require WiFi or electricity.

Other special features include a hydration holder, a pedal-powered incandescent bulb on the front of the bike, a small bell, and an adjustable seat. You can mount the machine by using cucumber side-pegs or a staircase at the rear.

The exercise bike is a fetching olive green and sits upon a synthetic lawn complete with fallen rose petals for the ultimate countryside feel. 

The gin company has described the bike as a ‘delightfully intricate stationary pedalling device that offers a leisurely, pleasant alternative to the home workout devices on the market today."

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