Posted 3rd March, 2020

A good gym programme is vital to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible especially when weight training as you can keep track and note down your weights, and progression.

In order to get stronger, you need to stimulate your muscles to grow, the way to do this is by training them. A rough guide is to train most muscles between 2 to 3 times a week. Therefore ideally you need to be training at least 2 sessions a week. Some people will do more and some people will do less than this but the average gym-goer completes two sessions a week.

Below are some examples of how I would set up myself and my clients, depending on how many days I/they could commit to training in a week and the focus of their sessions.

1 Day Per Week

Focus: Whole Body

2 Days Per Week

A –  Whole Body Session (e.g. on a Monday)

B – Whole Body Session (e.g. on a Thursday)

3 Days Per Week

A – Whole Body Session (e.g. on a Monday)

B – Whole Body Session (e.g. on a Wednesday)

C – Whole Body Session (e.g. on a Friday)


Alternate between A and B

4 Days Per Week

A – Upper Body (e.g. on a Monday)

B – Lower Body (e.g. on a Tuesday)

C – Upper Body (e.g. on a Thursday)

D – Lower Body (e.g. on a Friday)

5 Days Per Week

A – Lower Body (e.g. on a Monday)

B – Upper Body Pull (e.g. on a Tuesday)

C – Upper Body Push (e.g. on a Wednesday)

D – Whole Body Pull (e.g. on a Thursday) 

E – Whole Body Push (e.g. on a Friday)

Your training goal and the time you can commit should determine your programme, these are just examples. Remember that the body repairs and gets stronger during your days off so don’t over train!